We have a delightful breakfast to tempt your tasty buds whether you’re an early bird or someone who prefers to start the day a little later. For the CHILDREN’S BREAKFAST MENU, please scroll down. Also note there are two breakfast items on the lunch menu. The menus are subject to seasonal changes.


Free range bacon and cage free eggs – $18
Your way w grilled tomato & toasted sourdough
– Create your own big breakfast w sides

Pineapple wedge – $21
Muesli clusters, frozen yoghurt, coconut shavings, yoghurt pebbles, blackcurrant sherbet

Rusty’s mince on toast – $19
Seasonal chutney, poached eggs, Worcestershire sauce, fried onion rings

Braised market mushrooms – $21
In a Cobb loaf w pea & feta salsa verde, a poached egg, creamy yellow mustard

Cinnamon sugared doughnuts – $19
Crème fraiche, berries, maple drizzle, ginger crunch, raspberry paint

Benedict eggs – $23
Free range bacon & poached eggs on toasted sourdough, creamed spinach, seeded mustard hollandaise, cayenne pepper

Ham, cheese & tomato 3 egg omelette – $20
w tomato & green onion salsa, cheese & onion toast


Hollandaise                                                                                                                $3
Kransky Sausage                                                                                                       $5
2 Hash browns                                                                                                          $4
Fried onion rings                                                                                                      $4
Streaky bacon                                                                                                            $7
Market mushrooms                                                                                                  $7
Basket of fries w sauce                                                                                             $6
Baked beans                                                                                                               $5



All $12.00 – for children under 14

Ham & cheese 2 egg omelette

Sausage & beans w a poached egg on toasted muffin

Savoury mince on toast w a poached egg

Cinnamon sugared doughnut w berries & ice cream

A poached egg on toast w bacon & hash brown